Vision & Mission

MY TRANSFER is a Portal for the BITCOIN INTERNATIONAL FORUM for Asian countries. Bitcoin is the first example of a growing category of money known as cryptocurrency. It is actually a form of digital currency created and held electronically. Bitcoin can be used to buy things just like conventional dollars, Euros or Yens. But it is decentralized i.e. no single institution controls the Bitcoin.

Conventional currency has been based on Gold or Silver but Bitcoin is not based on gold or silver but on mathematics. Bitcoin is easy to setup and with no fees payable. Bitcoin users are anonymous. Bitcoins aren't linked to names, addresses or other personally identifying information. However it's completely transparent.

Your banks charge you fees for money transfers but Bitcoin doesn't. And most important its fast to transfer & it's a non-repudiable, if you sent there is no getting them back. So, regarding all these special features of Bitcoin, it has a lot giving for it, in theory.

Nowadays it is suggested that investing in Bitcoins is to buy and hold them as a long term is a trust worthy investment than any other investments. Many nations including develop and developing countries has accepted Bitcoin. Some economical experts call Bitcoins "a great place to put your assets".

Nowadays Bitcoins are used by many personals, institutions, industrialists, business persons & entrepreneurs as an alternative to the official currency to protect their savings against inflation and the possibility that government could confiscate savings accounts. And they are using it for all kinds of transactions. In a sense Bitcoin is growing power of tomorrow's economical world.

MY TRANSFER is created by the group of people who want to make aware people of India about Bitcoin and getting them involved in the world of Bitcoin and secure the future where Bitcoin is going to rule the world. All the people in MY TRANSFER want to build a business around Bitcoin, need it to make international transfers or are simply involved in speculation we all want this technology to succeed.

To us it became clear that something have to be done to make aware Indians about this currency and create interest in them to invest in Bitcoin and increase its adoption in India then and only then India will impact the world's finance. It is definitely beginning for us and there is need to raise funds and we are starting it through MY TRANSFER.